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December 5, 2007

Dear brother, study hard!
2007-08-09 15:17:11 本文已公布到博客频道文化·原创分类


ImageDear brother, study hard!









Dear brother, study hard!


My brother went to high school yesterday. Me? when will I go to baby school?

Dear brother, study hard! You had obtained 535 points in this end exam of middle school, how do you feel? However, I know you were not too studying hard in your school life. Ah, I heard that high school studying is very difficult, you will have to stay in school for a longer time, I wonder if you would enjoy it.

Yesterday evening, our second aunt came to our home. She told our father to send you some things, certainly, how could I stay at home? I was very happy to meet you in your school. Aunt told us, you ate BeiKeMian yesterday noon, as if you didnot enjoy it, and you discarded the remaining food, it was not a good thing, you should keep a nice habit in your school life, waste is bad, you know.

Ok, I want to tell you, our mother went shopping with me yesterday, she bought a solid bowl, I started eating food by myself this afternoon. You know, before, when I ate noodle or rice with bowl, our mother had to hold it for me. Haha, today, I was having it with my own hands, I was enjoyed it with my own eyes, done it seriously. Haha, yes, I just had BeiKeMian too, it was very delicious, I had it well. And ,at the same time, I drank some green bean water, our mother prepared a few quail eggs for me, I used three bowls in the meal, if you don't believe it, come back and have a look?

Oh, forgot to tell you, when the lunch was over, I ran to your room to call you for it, you were not there. Our dad said that you are growing up, and you are going to look for the beautiful world outside, I can meet you on the weekends. Oh, what can I say? We must grow up day after day, I hope I can go to street and baby school alone earlier.

Dear brother, what meal did you have for lunch this afternoon? Aunt told us that she would take a mat for you today, did you have a try? Besides this, you were enjoying in our air conditioning room in your summer holiday before, but the school does't have such treatment, did you sleep well last night?


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