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December 5, 2007

I am correcting my mistakes......(my dairy once more)
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ImageI am correcting my mistakes......

This afternoon, when I saw mother took the lunch on the table, I was in a hurry to took the sofa mat, my brother helped me and wonder......

" Look, your sister know your father will sit here. " Haha, my mom understood me very much.

" Dear mom, my sister is so lovely to make father happy and smile! " I heard brother's laughter.

" Guess? why the sofa mat is laying here? " Mother asked my father with a smile when my father came in.

" It is member of the sofa always. " Said my father.

" Your clever baby is correcting her mistake, haha...... " My mother was joyful.

" Oh, my dear! little baby? Have you done this good thing for me? " My father massaged my hair with his smile.

I felt very happy to hear that! " Uh, yeah. " Yes, I would like to do it every day......

I was just wondering about that myself. Recently, I have formed the habit mounting the sofa, and, I like to push the sofa cushion to one side. So, mother have to put the sofa cushion on other sofa......

A few days ago, when father wanted to sit the sofa each time, and saw nothing on it, he got angry with me, but he had to lay the sofa cushion on it by himself......

The other thing, I like raising the summer sleeping mat when I go to bed, and playing directly on the wood bed, my father told me again and again that is a bad habit, and my mother said so, too. ok, come moment what, I play with the habit to raise it once again. No way! Forget it? Me, it is me!

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