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Auckland`s Fireworks




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March 15, 2009

I'm still

waiting for you.

   I'm still

wandering along the cliff.

         The sky is still blue,but the cloud no longer white;
the forest is sitll luxuriant,but the trees no longer young.

    The stream is still going,but the water has changed again and again;

    the cherry blossom is still beautiful,but the petals are different.

Noting can exist eternally in the river of time and history.

But I'm still.

When everything keeps going  ,changes constantly,

I'm still.

Like a stone,lies on the mountain.

I'm still.

And I'm still

waiting for you.

Challenge,danger,enthusiasm,true love...

And I'm still seeking.

I'm still.

06:49 PM May 11 2012


it is great. Thanks for sharing.