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July 25, 2009

About eight months ago,I was still a student of senior school. memories flashed my mind like an old newstreel as I closed my eyes recalling my life of senior schoole.The bookes piling up like a hill ,the fluffy hair that my classmates always took it as laughtingstock,the thicker and thicker lens continually being changed, and all of all  were extremely familar.
  On June 7th ,2008,the day I will not forget forever,like thousands of teens of my age,I walked into examination room to take the College Entrance Examination.Maybe God has made a joke with me ,I failed.Between spending an extra year in senior schoole and going to a  college I don't dream of ,I choosedthe latter.That summer,I threw myself into sorrow.
   After eight months,1/8 of my college life has passed .I closed my eyes and chewed my college days,realizing there were so many experiences that were worth aftertasting and cherishing.I still remember my first experience that I had an interview of societies' recruitment, that I took part in debate competition and that I tried communicating with foreigners in English.
   This year I went back home to celebrate the New Year with my family.When my old classmates came across me ,they would say I didn't change much .But I know I am changing.Now I try  living my life more optimistically and more hopefully.
  This time ,between pessimism and optimism,I rejoice that I still choosed the latter everytime I though of this.The first choice probably lets me have a lower certificate,but it also encourages me to study harder.And the second choice ,I think,makes my college life more substantial and changes my life forever.