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Syrian Arab Republic

December 27, 2008

hi every 1, 

First I'd like to say sorry to all those people I did not reply their messages or refused their invitations but I really am stuck .........I am in the last year of high school (in my country toughest ) because it defines you're future.......you whether be UP to what you want or down to sth stupid stick your head with to the last day of your life ...........Even though.........good to hear from all of you , keep in touch , and well ANY ADVICE FOR A LAAAAAAAAAAAAATE student........I got maths, physics, chemistry , science, english, french, culture, litreture , readings , grammar (all under LANG ), (4 maths books) , well......I wish I did not forget any thing.....

however, ..........c yah all around (just after other stupid 6 months ) I wish I do not turn into the *Lost in the dusty books *wooooooooWOOOOOOOOOSOOWOOOOOOOOWOO. stupid I know........but who said ()&)(B )$&%B)V&I B can not take your sense of humor down >?

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