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December 17, 2008

     Hello,my lovely friends!

     I'm very happy,because I have so many friends all over the world,and we can communicate with each other like this.Maybe we can say something face to face in someday!

    The Chrismas Day is in corner.Friends,Merry Christmas!

    Have a good time!  Smile


May 16, 2008

Hello,everyone!We all know that in China,an unexpected disaster happended. It has had a profound infurence on our society.Because even though it's a disaster,it also shows that all chinese are a great team!And in our inner,there is a spirit of harmony and cooperation.And now it's becoming more obvious. I hope that the people all over the world become a team,having a wonderful team spirit,then let us have a wonderful future,with more happiness!

01:49 AM May 18 2008



Thank you!

06:07 AM May 16 2008



best wishes!

March 3, 2008

As a student,I do have many friends in my life.We live together,and play together happily.But I miss my mother everytime.Because they are important for me.They let me understand many things,and give me many things.I'm very grateful to them for what they do for me.

I think that we all have this feeling or thougt.So let's love our parents forever,and take action at once!

Wish all world parents happiness!