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Viet Nam

November 7, 2012

Imagine you are giving a speech to your teacher. Write down the speech (120 words) reflecting on the following questions. What kills have you learned from the Public Speaking course?If you were to improve some aspect of the course to make it more effective to students' learning, what will you improve?


The first words, I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teacher : Nguyen Van Loi – who directly introduces me for Public Speaking course in this semester. Thanks to his helping, some his useful advices, guidances, corrections, and relevant sources...I accomplished this course and gained many achievements. Though this is the first time, I have a chance to study with him, I feel it is a big honor for me. I heard many my friends talking about him. They said that he was a hard and strict teacher.This made me felt confused registering this course. However, when I contact to him throughout the last course, I do not feel worry or afraid of standing in front of class to talk, to express my thinking to him and my classmates.

Public Speaking is an interesting subject. It equips for students many useful and necessary skills to talking in public. I have learned many things in this course. I feel more confident when speaking in the public. I do not feel worry, anxiety, and nervous for every time I have a presentation on class. I have ability to control my voice, my eyes to attract the audiences. A greater awareness of this course that I can use my own non-verbal signals to express my thinking, feeling. There are variety on topics which we together discussed lively in this course. Most of them are useful and practical topics so attract most of students in class.

Besides that, I have learned how to prepare for a well presentation, how to search and arrange information as well as do outlines for my speeches. I also have a chance to use projector and practice power point program to support for my presentation.

I think this is a successful course, however, I have some small ideas to improve our subject more effectively.

First, students should have a better preparation for their presentation, such as pronunciation, materials, posters, computers...

Second, some students do not feel relax, they are stressed and nervous and sometimes, they look at materials and read and read, they do not care of reactions from audiences.

Third, some students talk so fast, and unclear so audiences cannot catch them.

Fourth, many students plagiarize of materials. This is a very common problem. I think we have right to search or use any material by Internet, books... but students should transfer them into their language or provide the source if we use original materials. Using key words or notes to deliver their speeches to others.

Finally, teacher and students should have discussions together. They should be more active and cooperative to help our class more actively.

In conclusion, for many students, standing up in public and doing a speech, especially talking by a foreign language, is one of our greatest fears. Public Speaking is really a good chance for us overcome this fears, difficulties and explore our real potential abilities


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