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not all that glitters is gold

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Saudi Arabia

November 12, 2008

I mean the light of day and the dark of night

does dark have a  bad meaning?

as for me i don't think so

what is your opinion?




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06:20 AM Nov 13 2008


Russian Federation

When light and dark collide
with slivers of silver sparks
which the daylight grabs
and streams on willow barks
the barks in turn embrace
and place the sparks inside
on a sleeping baby bird
and leave it to decide
the baby bird gives them
to squirrels passing by
who run across the forest floor
and to the waterfall, fly
the fall touches the silver
and showers it on the land
who sends it down a tiny stream
to the place I stand
Dark and light journey on
slowly inside my mind
to the place that angels
and demons they'll find
a place to hold darkness
a place to hold light
the bearer with a broken wing
but soaring with her flight
eyes that see beyond real
but stony now and dark
holding blessings in her arms
with the devil's mark
a mockery of evil
and a mockery of good
a being so untouchable
and rarely understood
But I embrace this dark
and I stand for the light
for both are my teachers
and both are always right
sides do not exist for me
it all engulfs in one
dark is light and light is dark
till my task is done
and this silver leaves me
and melts back in the sky
to find another me to haunt
when light and dark collide..

(Ambika Rathi)

I think, that  the constant  fight of darkness and light means  our life , as it has both positive and negative sides, and without darkness of the night we  are unable to value the daylight.

03:44 PM Nov 12 2008


We need to learn apreciate the pleasure of sun light that it show of us how we be alive now and rest our mind on the shadows that night give us for it!