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March 16, 2008

    have you ever talk to your own heart?

    are you still busy with your study?

    are you still busy with your work?

    are you still busy with all that endless thing?

    and you fell tired,just lie in bed,sleep!!!

     you may do your best to improve your life

     a comfortable and better quality of life

      but when you make it you expect more

      human beings desire is endless

      you are still busy aimlessly

      you forgot your own dream

       you were trapped

       you had changed

       even couldnt see the real you

       try to talk to your own heart,my man

       try to find out the real life

       try to resee your dream

       however busy you are

       just leave little time,sit alone,talk to your heart


05:39 AM Mar 18 2008



some times we are confused by life,i think it is useful to talk to our own heart.  wish u good luck,my friend!!! Hugs!!!

06:44 AM Mar 16 2008

nate_straight guy

It reminds me of my favorite book, the Little Prince.
I read it when I was 10 years old
and at the time I had a strong conviction that
I would never grow old to be like that of mindless "grown-ups" in the book,
only thinking about money, big house, nice suit, and so on.

As time goes by,
I've found myself already become one of those mindless "grown-ups."
I wonder why I can't ever notice changes.

Being a "grown-up" is not that bad
but it would be better to have something we call "dream..."