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June 28, 2010

  1. "Money and power only last the hour, but friendship and love withstand the sky above."
  2. "Friendship is only lost once you have the courage to let it go.
  3. "May your friends be as many as the promises that you keep."
  4. "A special friend is a blessing that you should treasure with all your heart."
  5. "A friend is someone who will always be there when everyone else fails."
  6. "An acquaintance is a jewel; a true friend is a treasure."

"You have done it Without a touch,without a word,Without a sign.You have done it By being yourself.Perhaps that is what Being a friend means After all."


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07:55 PM Jun 28 2010



nice article lol

yeah,friends always be there for you.

I love my friends ♥

07:08 PM Jun 28 2010



Somebody told me once, a friend is the one who is not only in your birthday parties but also in your funeral. And it's the one who knows your faults but hide them from the world.