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Beauty of duty

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October 22, 2008

 This is the one of happiest day for Indians they lunched their first mission to moon. What is advantage of space and other planet exploration may be a few people will think it is only a waste but in practical life there will be generate lot of advantage 1, Like this mission will improve confidence their citizens 2,It will increase the value of man power which will supplying to other country 3, We know coco cola participated in Olympic for getting market for their product, if we consider a country a big company like this mission is making a big advertisement for their product and man power 4 In future India will get an influence in the moon also if Russia considered because Russia send first man to moon 5,Now America doing major mission to mars in future mars will become one of the state U S A. 6 Science is the seed of success any one can participate they can be travel to success today or tomorrow .

by en-s

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12:07 AM Oct 24 2008



Cobgratulations, I saw that in the news, u did great.

 Keep working untill u send and India in Moon.

Good luck

03:20 PM Oct 22 2008



an interesting story!