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October 28, 2007

My friends,Do you think that people are really happy?All time,eveywhere every hour even moment,u can come across evil things though you dont want or accept them.Right !Unfortunately these bad thins happening all aroun the world,and we still live hıı?

These are rules of the life and we live,live and but how???

06:06 AM Feb 05 2008


Syrian Arab Republic

Life couldn't be a lie , life is  true


If you want happy life you have to keep smiling whatever


happen LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing


06:01 AM Jan 05 2008


selam hemşo

siteyi henüz keşfetmiştimki sizi gördüm ve tanışmak istedim umarım yanlış anlaşılmamışımdır

iyi günler  şarkçı memur

October 27, 2007

1.Is the dog sleeping the bone again?

2.I desire you to leave.

3.He don't know nothing.

4.About what are you talking?

5.There's twenty horses registerde in the show.

6.It ain't nobody goin to miss nobody.

7.I've never put the book.

8.The boat oated down the river sank.

9.Nixon disagreed Sandy into the ocean.

10.Aren't I invited to the party?

02:55 AM Oct 28 2007



hi beautynazi.I thank u a lot.I m glad to meet you.You helped me really.Thanks.I m waiting your comments.

12:17 PM Oct 27 2007

beauty nazi
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

1 is the dog eathing the bone again?

sleep and bone is two diffrent none and verb that combine with each other

2.i desire that you leave me.

you must use that in this and me

3.he doesn t know anything or he knows nothing

it is the 3 person and you have to use does or verb plus s

4.what are you talking about?

you must to use verb in the place of that and abot in place of that too

if you want to know the othhhers contct me



October 26, 2007

I m very happy to meet people from all over the world.We can talk on anything.It doesn t matter.I want to talk about life.


02:28 PM Oct 26 2007

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


what about life??

i dont know but i realy like my life thanks to god even if i am missing some one but i am still happy in my life.

tell me what about it .....

i will be happy if u send it as amessage .