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Peace of Mind




July 27, 2010

We have the shortest poem in the world,that is Japanese original style, "Haiku." This style needs only 17 letters. We can devide them with 5, 7, and 5letter, and we have to use a word in it which can feel season because this poem was used to miss seasons originally.

When I was a elementary school student, I made a couple of this poems at lessons. For instance, we think good slogan when we have a school festival. And in my country those slogans are supposed to 17 letters in all. This rhythm suit Japanese and is really easy to say. Not only poem, this style is often used in lyrics. Lots of pop music lyrics and most of school songs follow this rhythm.

Let me introduce one of the most famous poems of Haiku, "なつくさや つわものどもが ゆめのあと" The poet said that a lot of soldiers fought for their spirits or dreams many years ago, but now there is just summer grass and wave. He missed time is passing and how fragile our life. I think it's amazing we can express a lot of feelings in just 17 letters.

05:26 AM Jul 27 2010

Amar pandey

Poems has potential to contain much more informtion in few words. And most importantly it is easy to remember and to sing.

In my country Sanskrit( It has became absolete though) verses were used to represent more elaborated information.  

July 20, 2010

Last week I went to the sea to watch firework festival. In summer everwhere they have foreworks and celebrate summer, and in August it's the higest season to watch them. So the festival I went was a little earlier than usual one because it commemorates the day of Perry coming to Japan with black ship to demand us to open trade in 1853. The show wasn't so big but I really enjoyed the fireworks for the forst time this year. It was so beautiful that made me speechless.

Recently, more fireworks shoot up with music. For me, I think music isn't necessity and just sound of fireworks and cheers feel me the season of summer. In festival, many young girls and boys put on yukata, a kind of kimono is Japanese traditional clothes. I'm planning to go some festival this summer and wear yukata.

After watching a show, I like shotting off fireworks. Especially, a sparkling firework is beautiful. It seems fragile and elegant, so it's suitable tfor Japanese to miss transition of seasons.

07:08 AM Jul 20 2010



It seems that Firework Festival is shown in lots of animations and movies. Besides firework, what impress me most is yukata. Did you wear yukata to go to Firework Festival? I think you must be gorgeous in your yukata  : ) 

July 19, 2010

Do you believe in fate? For me, I do as a certain extent. In my country, we call "the red thread of the fate" and it stands for everyone has a partner is destinied to fall in love with you deeply. The thread is said that it connected with our little finger in left hand, so some people put pinky rings on little finger on left hand for wish future lover is coming soon.

The other day, I've heard an interesting story of red thread. That is,we should keep a proper distance from even sweet steady. Because, it's thread. So if we approach and nearly stick to lover, the thread would loosen and slacken. On the contrary, if we keep too much distance, the thread would break up. It seems a big hustle but we should care and observe to keep romantic relationships.

But no matter how we pay a effort, irony of fate can happen. The other day one of my friend broke up with her boyfriend though they were going to get married. I'm so sorry for her and I wish everyone get happiness soon.