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Peace of Mind

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July 11, 2010

Completely opened information cannot get all people satisfied. A few secrets can be a kind of spice grow ouur imagination and make our relationship excited.

For example, one of my favorite novels was dramatized for television on the other day. Openly, I don't want it to do that because it seem cheaper. I don't know why but we imagine the situation or characters' faces whenever we read books, but on dama they're all visible. No longer there is a room to imagine and be excited. What's more, to conver often disappoint us and tear world view of its piece.

For relationship, telling everything is the best way to build upour connection. I agree with it a certain extent. But having secret may make us refreshed and come to think that I've noticed I haven't known you at all and I want to know about you more!

Anyway, imagination is overwhelming so I don't want it to weaken.

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