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Peace of Mind

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July 13, 2010

What do you usually do for a change? Perhaps many people answer shopping, chatting with friends, listening to music, singing, and being alone,I guess. I often make use of them. We tend to live today as similar as yesterday and tomorrow. Also I come to think today isn't a special day.

This idea might not be correct, but if everyday is a special day, we're too tired to be excited. For a change is good once in a while. Today I worked at a shop not one I usually work. It was so exciting because I met people I haven't met before and come place I've ever visited. It was a kind of fun. And some of them said the same comments, "For a change, I enjoy working other place I usually don't go."

I often play the flamenco guitar at home for a change. I love that time because when I play, I can think nothing but the music. It's marvelous time, don't you think? As the same reason, I also love the time for reading books. I think we need to spend time we become to be innocent.

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