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July 19, 2010

Do you believe in fate? For me, I do as a certain extent. In my country, we call "the red thread of the fate" and it stands for everyone has a partner is destinied to fall in love with you deeply. The thread is said that it connected with our little finger in left hand, so some people put pinky rings on little finger on left hand for wish future lover is coming soon.

The other day, I've heard an interesting story of red thread. That is,we should keep a proper distance from even sweet steady. Because, it's thread. So if we approach and nearly stick to lover, the thread would loosen and slacken. On the contrary, if we keep too much distance, the thread would break up. It seems a big hustle but we should care and observe to keep romantic relationships.

But no matter how we pay a effort, irony of fate can happen. The other day one of my friend broke up with her boyfriend though they were going to get married. I'm so sorry for her and I wish everyone get happiness soon. 

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