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November 9, 2007

Is it okey to cry in front of the girl you love? 
Maybe they think that you are too weak. and they also think that they had made a right decision.

Once broke up. Never turn urself into darkness.
It is Okei to cry for a guy, but not in front of girls.
Cuz girls will never know how hurt the guys take at that point, and guys would always be cool like all the time.

I dont really know what i wrote. LOL

09:47 AM Apr 08 2008


Russian Federation

this is very silly to say so.. because I think you cannot be always strong.. and I completely understand that sometimes boys need to cry.. and they also need to meet with support from us..and we are ready to give it.. and also it makes us closer and also it's very helpful for boy's health (especially heart and nerves)) so it's all ok about it)

03:50 AM Feb 15 2008

Joyce cat

Joyce cat

just a simple question, do you dare be yourself?

01:45 AM Dec 19 2007



wish you happy

04:14 AM Nov 24 2007

melody lin

melody lin

It's all right to cry in frount of a girl .

Maybe sometimes your crying will make the girl understand you better……


03:16 AM Nov 21 2007

cecilia dai

well i have to say that it is ok to cry in front of girls.

you know maybe sometimes it is your cry that can move a girl.

cuz boys always pretending to be cool and strong.

maybe the cry can let a girl see the real boy, the one who is not always strong ,the boy who need others .

girls will be great to be needed


October 18, 2007

Broken up with my girlfriend. sigh.  I found out that she was cheated on me. Sigh.

04:07 AM Oct 27 2007

hot seventy

your girl maybe  trust u

04:06 AM Oct 27 2007


sorry,i know how you feelCry but there's a hero in each of us,you're strong enough,you can make it thrugh!! take care

12:20 AM Oct 19 2007


begin ur new day,and get up early every day from now on,the morning sunshine will give u more happiness!Smile

October 23, 2006

One of my friend invited me to watch his baskball game in chinatown. unfortunately, We got 9 points ahead!!!! good job guys!!! this is my first time to watch my friend play basketball. Most of time we play together like one on one.  never seen him play as team. seems like a little bit weak!
Never mind, We still won the game. 

This is my first time to watch baskball game. im sure that i will go and watch the coming game next weekend!!

05:46 AM Nov 10 2006

angella hui

 are you be good at playing basket  ball ?are you watch NBA game frequently?   do you like him ?