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August 2, 2010

..everyday in my medical school life was miserable and painful..seconds by seconds i spend them on reading
analyzing and searching..and at the end i'll see E's,why??
u know sometimes in life we fall or we feel down and disappointed ,b'cos we fail to succeed
and why do we wanna succeed?it's because we wanna make our lives matter...
moreover, when we r trying to get up and recharge our energy the wave of failure has hit us and let us feel down again and weAk..this wave can only be generated by people who remained us the situation of being a failure.these people either they succeed or failed but no motivation. those people who succeed, they like always to discuss about their performance, and the ones who fail they never a have a chance to look at the positive way of being a failure. the reason is being a failure is first steps to succeed..if u look at the positive way
so when we start a mission or when u have a goal in our mind, for example.it always matter how we are going to finish what we started.so when fail it means u have done something in ur life, and u should try to get this thing done,no matter when!!!
and if we try again and again to stand up , we will get this thing..time doesn't matter how long it takes..it just matter how u are going to stand up the pain...so my friends IF U FAIL ,DON'T GIVE UP, B'COS AT THE END WE R GOING TO LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES...AND IF U TRY AGAIN N AGAIN IT MEANS U WILL GET WHAT U WANT,BELIEVE ME!!! .SO THE KEY OF SUCCEED IS TO TRY HARD AND HARDER..TILL U FINISH..NO MATTER HOW BIG OUR DREAM,MISSION,etc is.b'cos this will make the difference between living and dying...SO NEVER GIVE UP ON LIFE,B'COS LIFE NEVER GIVES UP ON U!!