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November 22, 2007

evryday i enjoy Spanish traditional foods...but to have a clear advantage over my tutors lol, i decided to take this lunch at Japanese restaurant!! we entered one named GINZA 銀座.

Sushi, sashimi, tenpura, sukiyaki, miso soop, even NATTOU 納豆 japanese fermented soybeans, I ordered such well known Japanese dishes.

during lunch we talked about the way of eating egg. i like taking egg raw, and this way is very common in japan.

Breaking an egg into a bowl, putting soy sauce and scrambling them. you can pour them on a boiled plain rice. then EAT!!! this is one of the most popular meal in JAPAN named 卵 かけ ご飯 tamago kake gohan(rice with raw egg)

 Why don't you take RAW EGG? 

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04:35 PM Nov 22 2007



i've done that sometimes haha.. with the soy sauce and all.. but usually i make it into a fried tortilla :) with just a bit of sugar.. it tastes wonderful.