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made in Japan

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November 23, 2007

9:30 Flight from Madrid to Malaga Visit a factory built in 2006 at Technical Park in Malaga

16:30 flight from Malaga to Madrid

21:00 bus from Madrid to Salamanca···now I’m in a bus

I will enjoy Salamanca Night till morning. 

In japan i can enjoy “KARAOKE” all night long, it costs very cheap, and even I can sleep in a room.In “KARAOKE”, singing, drinking, eating, chatting, sleeping, do as you want to.I’m not good at singing Japanese pop music, so called J-pop.

But I’m cleaver at Japanese RAP or HIP-HOP, for example RIPSLYM, KICK THE CANKREW, ケツメイシKETSUMEISHI.  These groups are not underground, but more pop. Their music is very different from such like EMINEM, Jay-Z, or ...sorry I don't know so much...

 Do you know Japanese music? Do you like?

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05:12 PM Nov 28 2007



Chinese POP-RAP music is very good,have a chance to listen.i like japan,i'm studing japanese now,i will go to japan in the future

04:28 PM Nov 23 2007


El Salvador


no idea about Japanese rap music even though i think that some Japanese people are really pretty damn good  at playing rock or heavy music i heard once a band called maximum the hormone and i think these guys really know how to ROCK!

you should try them once at least because rock and roll makes your mind flow through the wind 


by the way have you already tried a dessert named               " Merengue" it´s a famous dessert over there in Madrid they  even use it like a nickname for the Madrid soccer team.    

 hasta la vista!!