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made in Japan




January 24, 2008

i came back to Japan and changed my blog name from "DIARY IN SPAIN" to "made in Japan".

here you can read and know about japanese culture, probably...

but...what kind of culture should i introduce to you?

05:22 AM Feb 17 2008



I wanna see that pics of food heheSmile

Some time ago I watched a TV program called SMAP "Bistro" (I think it's famous in your country) and they showed delicious japanese food :D (it seemed so yummy)

Hope you're fine

See ya!

10:24 PM Feb 02 2008



hii kohei where are you? :O I haven't seen you for a while

 I just learnt how to write my name in katakana (oh my, writing in japanese is really hard.. mainly because of "kanji" o_Ô)

so.. it is...

イヴァナ (Ivana)

Laughing (I hope that's well written hahaha, i tried my best)

Ok see ya and take care.. let me know if you're alive whenever you read this Tongue out


03:33 PM Jan 25 2008



OK, at first, i will wright about foods with pics!
Enjoy it!

12:26 PM Jan 24 2008

Viet Nam

Hi ! I'm really want to know about cultures from another countries ! It's only my hobby !Cool And of couse, I'll be very happy if i can know about your culture such as eating customs, working style, greeting customs..etc. You know I like your traditional clothes-KIMONO and I wish I had one ! Money mouth ! hehe ! So can you tell me some of them ? Thanks in advance ! hjhj 

11:34 AM Jan 24 2008



thanx alot

cool pic and cool info

i want to know more

keep it up O(^_^)O

December 11, 2007

 Gaudi's masterpiece

Sagrada Familia(still under construction)

it is supposed to be finished in 2026.
i will go back to Barcelona in that year.

December 11, 2007

Barcelona Managa shop

this shop has lots of Japanese Managas, posters, figures. and i can listen Anime musics here. it's located between Barcelona cathedrale and Picaso museum.

"AKIRA", One of my favorite mangas is also here. if you like Japanese Manga, you don't miss "AKIRA"!!!!! i've never seen such detailed brushworks.