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November 21, 2007

We Japanese students in an university usually start our job seeking in their 4th grade or more early. and we can sign an agreement with companies. (of course it depends on one's skill or talent...) And the agreement is very vague one: I don't know how long years i will work in, what is my responsibility, I only know I will work in. I have already signed.  I can start my career as soon as my graduate. (of course it depends on if i could graduate...)

Now I'm in Spain.Spanish students start that after graduate...

 I can't understand why such a difference is there.


02:41 PM Nov 21 2007



now i'm working in a Spanish company, this is internship program between that company and my university.


10:25 AM Nov 21 2007



For me your explanation is also very new, in Austria we begin also to seek a job after our graduation, apart a few people but that's a very small percentage.
What are you doing in Spain, studying?


09:05 AM Nov 21 2007


I have the same fate with you this year! I had graduated in July this year! But I have had changed the work for more times! Now I am engaging in IT! Next year, I want to change another work! Very tried……

But, congratulation! I hope you have a good time in you career for any time!!

November 18, 2007

I was stolen my money in front of PRAD museum in Madrid.

 It’s my fault; I didn’t pay much attention to such risk.I was robbed of 70€ and 10,000Yen.I couldn’t be aware. 

PRAD museum was really nice museum, I had a lot of impressions. But I never forget today for the reason of this story.

まじでショック。(Ma Ji De Shock = I was f*ck'in shocked)     

November 17, 2007

Today, I had no plan. So, after washing my clothes, I walked around Madrid.

First I went to "Parque del Retiro", the biggest and most beautiful park in Madrid. Yellow or red leaves,even fallen leaves were so beautiful!

Here and there I waked in 5-6 hours, I happened to meet 2 different events.

One was a wedding at Los Jerònimos Reales, a Church behind the PRAD museum. The wedding was opened to every visitor so I could attend. This is my first time to see real wedding! I really envy such nicest wedding they had.

And the other was police's tight security in Sol. I still don't know what was that, hundreds of police were in Sol and they checked personal certificate cards of every passengers. Police, many TV cameras, shouting people, there was something chaos.What happened in sol?

do you know?

またね! (MA TA NE!= see ya!) 

10:32 AM Nov 17 2007



a lot of wrong wards i found in my blog.

if you find please leave your comment.I need your help to improve my english.