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November 16, 2007

El Corte Ingres in Sol

I spent 1 and half week in Spain, I'm getting used to Spanish way of living.But at this lunch, I was drunk too much alcohol only because of weekend. I was out of control after lunch.Terrible!!

After taking a little "siesta", I went to "El Corte Ingres" in Sol , center of Madrid. "El Corte Ingres" is a very big department store. I'm not sure but,I heard this store is the largest company in Spain.

Anyway, I enjoyed shopping, especially looking CDs. Some CDs' plice were very cheap! I bought CHEMICAL BROTHERS SINGLE 93-03 in 7 euros. I don't know why such a low plice it was, even though it has no problem.

Still I can't understand Spanish way.lol 

03:11 PM Nov 16 2007


El Salvador

"siesta"  dude!!  there´s a lot more to know about Spanish but i think it´s ironic that you found Spanish to be a difficult language considering that you speak Japanese !!! 

but fell free to ask anything about Spanish to me and i`ll send you some questions about Japanese