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March 18, 2007

Wow, I haven't been around in ages, mainly because I'd completely forgotten I had an account here until just a couple of days ago. So, uh, hello to my new friends (I have no idea how you stumbled across me). *waves* =)

I'm sure no one is particularly interested in my life's little dramas, but hey, that's what blogs are for. =) Sooo, lots of things have happened in the last few months and there've been ups and downs like I wouldn't have believed was possible in such a short time period. I'm now employed as a web developer and designer (yay?), am getting ready to move to a new apartment and am up to my eyeballs in to-do lists. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit when I finally move to the new place and I won't feel like I'm about to develop an ulcer. =)

09:38 AM Dec 24 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

so, you've changed, but continuously you change! good for you.

July 6, 2006

Well, darnit... I think I'm finally about to cave and shell out the bucks for an iPod (which is not a good thing!).

I'd originally planned on treating myself once (if) I managed to snag that advertising job I was eyeing. But, hmm, the portfolio's taking longer than I thought to complete and I've never been very good at denying myself. (Note to self: need more work on the self-discipline, damnit!)

Mmm, currently, expenditure > income, which should = no anything! But, um, gah, suppose we'll see...