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January 4, 2010

MY STRANGERIt seems that I knew you a few days ago,or several weeks,several months,but the feeling that you gave me seems to be a long history,and seems to be last in the following days.I don’t know why, you always been there, like the clound in the sky, people can see it by chance when they raise their heads, yeah, there’re not always sunshine.I know nothing about you, I want to understand you, just want to understand the answer in my heart. I got engcourages from you, got the warmth from you, got the clearness from your eyes, got the smile from your face.But also, you show me the meaning of being lonely. Nobody can tell me whether the feeling is ture or not, if it’s wrong, then what should I do ,and where can I go? I meet the cross in the way of my life. So comfusing,complicated and complex. Yeah, stranger, what’s your major, what’s your hobbies, what’s your favourite, how’s your friends, how’s going on with you? Is that everythings all right with you ?

Your name is stranger, my stranger, I know nothings except your name, how can I forget you? And how long? A week? A month? A year? Or the rest of my life?       Yours ***


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View all entries from My Blog >