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June 4, 2010

which  team do you support ? i think there must be a lot of football fans around here!  haha~~  i like German national team, but the captain michael ballack is no longer there , cuz he was hurt badly , i was so sad about it at the news , but right now i can clam myself down, i think there still are many young and skillful football players there, although ballack is unique and no one can replace him! but there still is a hope among the young players ,and the new captain in German is lamn , he is very cute, and i like him too. his football sill is fascinating too, and i will feel safe if the ball is under his feet~~  so that's all i wanna share with you guys,  do you have any stories or emotions or feelings about this year's South Africa World Cup?  plz feel free to share  , haha~~

10:48 PM Jun 04 2010



Hello! I love all that includes the world cup, It's so exciting.. I`m looking forward to watching it started! I`m from Argentina so obviously I support my country.. I really hope we do well this time I'm sure we will!   well, bye Laughing!

June 4, 2010

 The sky is blue and clear and I am pleased this morning, that’s one of magical things about Guilin, you never know what kind of day it comes to you, it just acts like a delicate girl—sentimental, capricious and hard to guess what is the real thought at the bottom of her heart, I came here 3 years ago, and ever since I have been seeking the real nature of her, and what exactly it means to me.When I was child, I was told that Guilin has the best scenery in the world, as the Chinese old saying goes, East and West, Guilin is the Best. I could not begin to imagine how beautiful that place is, the beautiful mountains and clear waters, the picturesque scenery that everyone dreaming about, I even can picture it, feel it and touch it, although we are apart by the remote distance.There is vague memory in my mind; the first Stone Mountain looked weird to me, the perfectly strange friends with the expressionless faces, the city crowded with busy buses crawling through the streets, I looked up the sky it was already darken, the grey high-rises and residential buildings losing their edges in the twilight. My mood is undefined, after a long journey in the bumping car, I felt exhausted. when I arrived at the school, I went to my bed directly, hoping a dreamless and sound night would embrace me soon.The first sunglow shined upon my eyebrows, the first thing came to my mind when I waked up was go to downtown, since there was nothing I got in my new room, so I grabbed my backpack , and went to downtown. Bus station was crowded, and there was no queue in front of the bus door, squeezing with other passengers I got on the bus, and definitely I needed to hold my horses when hanging among people before I arrived to my destination, when I eventually got off the bus, I kind of survived. Standing still on the street, I began looking around my surrounding with my rolling eyes. I was passed by the striding people, “Bang, bang…”, sounds from some buildings and shop stores, either under construction or being decorated in hope of the new looks, disco music is loud from the Yishion chain store, with students eye-shopping the fashion clothes inside, a few would likely pick up and pay for one of those. Crying sounds came from some mobile stands when I passed by, it seemed that I was not involved in the busy commercial area, I shrugged my shoulder, and fastened the belt of my backpack, decided to move forward on the unfamiliar street, alone.When I arrived at school in suburban, it’s already dark, the campus was deathly quiet compared to the downtown, and sky is dark-blue decorated with diamond-like stars, the trees were whispering some secrets that I guess I would never know. Tomorrow is another day. One old friend was calling me, we had not seen each other for ages, and she would accompany with me to walk around Guilin city. There were too many stories to share and too many memories to retell between two old friends, when I met her, probably the same person growing up a little bit, she took me to the places I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, and we went to the famous Elephant Trunk Hill I have heard so long, it looked really like an elephant sucking the water from the Li River, we went through its trunk, there were some men fishing under the hill, peaceful.  And we climbed the hill, having a different view from the top, and a few pictures were taken. We walked along the Li River, the mild breeze blew the green and tender willows, we walked along without say anything, as if a single sound from humans would destroy the natural atmosphere, only birds fluttering, flowers swaying and waters gurgling could be heard here.          Ever since that, I have visited many scenic spots in Guilin, hoping to seek for the mystery of her; actually she just liked an old friend for me, there must be many things she wants to share with me, many secrets she wants me to discover, many stories she wants to tell me. When I was hiking along the Li River, it liked a jade ribbon winding among thousands of the hills. Rolling peaks, steep cliffs, green hills and clear water constitute a fascinating hundred-mile pictures gallery. I would never forget in the rest of my life the magnificent nature she showed to me. The beauty is praised by countless poets, “There must be angles in the cloud, there must be Hsien Sheng in the fog, the feeling is as deeply as the love, and the beauty is as gracious as the dream…it must be a heaven on earth…  After a dreamy trip, I was able to clam down to review it, “Beauty lies in the love’s eyes”, if you think you want to know her , then come closer to find her, her beauty lies in the silence mountains, clear waters and fragrant flowers, come closer to the real nature , to touch it , smell it , taste it and feel it, just glancing back, and you can find what you have been seeking for so long, and luck as me, I have found it.  


January 4, 2010

MY STRANGERIt seems that I knew you a few days ago,or several weeks,several months,but the feeling that you gave me seems to be a long history,and seems to be last in the following days.I don’t know why, you always been there, like the clound in the sky, people can see it by chance when they raise their heads, yeah, there’re not always sunshine.I know nothing about you, I want to understand you, just want to understand the answer in my heart. I got engcourages from you, got the warmth from you, got the clearness from your eyes, got the smile from your face.But also, you show me the meaning of being lonely. Nobody can tell me whether the feeling is ture or not, if it’s wrong, then what should I do ,and where can I go? I meet the cross in the way of my life. So comfusing,complicated and complex. Yeah, stranger, what’s your major, what’s your hobbies, what’s your favourite, how’s your friends, how’s going on with you? Is that everythings all right with you ?

Your name is stranger, my stranger, I know nothings except your name, how can I forget you? And how long? A week? A month? A year? Or the rest of my life?       Yours ***