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April 15, 2007

somewhere between the procastation ....and the homeworks...and the

incessant forwards....and the frienships,,,..and the calls to each

other complaining about crushes!!..somewhere between the phone calls to

old friends...and the 'i miss u's and i love u's...and the "what r we

doing tonights?..and somwhere between all of the

changing,growing...somewhere between the classes,,,and the skipping

classes..and the studying 4 tests ....and pretenting to study 4 the

tests and the down right not studying 4 tests....i forgot...i

forgot..what growing up is all about..i forgot what is meant to cry..i
forgot that pretending to be happy dosent make u happy...and pretending
to be smart dosent make u smart..i forgot..that..u cant just

forget,,,..the past in fear of the future.
     i forgot that u cant control falling in love...and that u cant

make urself..fall in love..i learned that i can love...i learned that

its okay to mess up..and its okay to ask for help...and its okay to

feel like crud..i learned its okay to complain and whine to all ur

friends for a whole day..i learned that sometimes the things u want

most u just cant have.i learned that the greatest thing about school

isnt the dances or the hook ups...its friendship...which means taking

chances..i learned..that sometimes..the things..we want..to forget..are

the...things..which we most need to talk about...i learned that letters

from friends are the most..important things...and the sending cards to

ur friends makes u feel better.but basically..i just learned that my

friends ...both old and new..are the most important poeple to me..in

the world.and without them,i wouldn't be who iam today....so ....if any

one is out their like in feeling friendship is the best...then drop me

a mail.



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05:22 PM Oct 31 2007



hi how r u

will u be friend


06:57 PM Oct 27 2007

Viet Nam

Those are beautiful words, Jessgr8 1. This life is better because there's you in it.