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who UNDERSTANDS women? part one

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July 28, 2008


Without any doubt I can't understand them, but how come??? what do you mean?? are you a gay then? in response to the first and second one I'll try to explain them in the next paragraph and about the last one, I don't know what to say... haha no, no,no I'm just kidding. My answer >> NO WAY! dude, mind what you say... haha

I'm gonna focus on dialogues, yep, those dialogues we men just try to make them funny as possible as we can in order to have a nice talk and not becoming boring, well I don't know if you are this way, but I am. Sometimes women take jokes to heart and then starting to tell us all sort of cuss words, yeah!!! believe it or not, it's the truth and this is what we get just for being a little riot, just for making them laugh, just for becoming clowns talking nonsense, just for obligating ourselves to be in the mood whenever we chat with ladies like you, naughty baby!!! don't upset, don't upset, remember it, don't take it to heart... hahaha I think I got carried away... I promise you it wont be happen again...

what's above is my point of view and I just talk about my experiences... ohh don't think they all end up in a mess, only a few of them :P :P plopp... I don´t really know what you fathom me. Maybe you think I'm either too straightforward or only a jerk mmm I don't worry very much if your choice is the first one, but I will about the second one. Hey lady, I didn't mean to sound like a year, but I'm feeling just a little stressed out from work, could you punch me in the... wtfff! hold on! hold on! man, what are you saying? you must be up out of your mind! lollll well, I'm not >>> isn't it an Eminem's song? see, I'm getting a good mood now...

Back to my "speech", the flip side is the other way that we (men) use to express ourselves, which is totally different from the first one I just explained. It relates to boring and uncreative conversations with the same questions, Eminem do know this and gives an example, just check it out:

so they always keep asking the same f'ing questions
what school did I go to?
what hood I grew up in?
the why? the who?, what?
when and where and the how?

yeahhh,he's even more better at explaining things than me though...

Damn, once again out of topic... It could be easier if both a man and a woman play along each other and just enjoy the conversation. As far as I know that's why we chat, right? Well, this is the reason in the most of the cases.

Here, in my country, Perú, there's a saying that peruvians use in this case: "si tienes correa, entonces no hay problema", wich in english literally is "if you wear a belt, there's no problem then" and means: everything's alright and you won't bother at all, provided that you've got a nice sense of humor, be kinda open-minded person and know how to play along, not all the time, only when it's in jest. OF COURSE, on no account I'm asking you to stand neither practical jokes nor those who trying to pull a stun NOOOO!!! I don´t mean this. I mean you just be nifty in front of funny guys and say: "I don´t give a fuck and go to hell" to pervert sicks, yeah! they deserve it for sure.

In conclusion, by jokking in chat you (men) will get more chances to be know as a jerk for women, so calm down man, don't do it again OK!! On the other hand, if you begin actting the fool with no sense of humor, they (women) would stop talking to you 'cause they'd think you're boring or even worse a NERD, at that time they'd really miss the "jerk" side of one (in other words, every man in the earth)

soooooo, WHO UNDERSTANDS WOMEN? I don't, how about you? I wanna know your guess, you can leave a comment...

P.S.: could you notice a bit of sarcasm in it? lmao, plus I respect women, I have a mom too!


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07:11 AM Jul 30 2008




nice post :D lol

and i have to say that, i like much more a guy who makes me laugh, than a normal boy like all others :D


hasta luego!