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November 20, 2008

 They are a rap band which consists of 4 teens.

   Aisha is the only female singer in DA Mouth. Firstly she is a lovely Japanese girl. She is very sexy in the music video. And her voice is sweet. What else should I say! She matches other members perfectly.

   MC40 was born in Taiwan, but he had been to Canada for years. He is the rapper in DA mouth. He is so handsome. He seems very hip-hop. Wow, unbelievable, his rap in the music is amazing. I think he is greatest rapper in China at present.

   Huaiqiu is the main singer in the band. His father is Chinese, but there’s Korea blood on his mother’s side. He is high. It goes without saying he has a very good appetite. He had a very solid singing foundation. He is great.

   DJ Zonghua is the leader of DA Mouth; he is responsible for playing the records. He ranks 6 of all the global DJ. His mother is AMEI ethnic of Taiwan, and his father is Japanese. He is expert at playing records and creating a heated atmosphere.

I watched DA Mouth’s performance on Hunan TV station. I loved them at first glance. Their music is fashion. So I search for their information on the Internet. Wowww, they are greater more than I thought. I think I have already been a fan of them. And their music always makes me happy and relaxed. So I think I must introduce them to all of you who love pop music.

 Here is part of DA Mouth’s songs that I love much.

( *我就是喜欢你*, 119,*结果咧*,get you back)

I hope they would come to Chengdu. I can’t wait to see them and buy their music.

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