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October 1, 2009

   to be ill-tempered again. i don't know how many ppl i would hurt in the future.
but definitely,there's one from the beginning to the end. that's mom. i feel very sorry after shouting to her every time. i just lost control. i can be easily affected by a trifle.that's me, how could i change my characteristic!
  that's a real problem to me. sometimes feel tired to talk or listen to her. it's not generation gap. i'm just impatient. it needs a long time for me to learn how to love ppl around me. try not to be ridiculous! i'm always comflicted. just timid ,not quite yet, it's not self-confident.oh....god...i need to change...

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05:41 AM Apr 25 2010



I think it´s important to tell the people you have hurt about your feelings. Tell them what you have written here. It makes them forgive and understand. They will be patient, and give the time to change...

06:09 AM Oct 01 2009



U know acceptance is the first step of changing.

U can admit ur fault and willing to change so I think u are on the right track now we all can act so stupid sometimes and treat so rude to ppl especially the ones that closest to us cus we know that they can forgive us in any condition  I am sure ur mom knows about ur feelings and how much regret u have right after treating her that way 

So dont worry I am sure she can forgive u nomatter what as long as u are sincere about being a better person and try to change 

take care and good luck