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April 24, 2010

It’s quite busy time for me; never had I thought it would such hard. it seems over control. I cannot manage myself well. Especially facing any urgent issues. There’re so many things need to do all these months.
Goddamn! Just like machine, repeat him day by day.

And my damn health won’t do me a favor, acute gastric again.
I was so excited last week, because Challen v was hold in Chengdu.and I watched the whole performance by the TV. There is huge hope,and great disappointment as well.

 I definitely love the hosts: David,Lichen,Zhouyingqi and Kenan. They’re the greatest! But hosts of the red carpet are awful. Frankly they are not suitable. I love the performance of Jane Zhang.
she is excellent, the real singing queen of china. There were many embarrassed moments during the ceremony. It’s so hard to believe that it could make such silly mistakes at least 3 times, that’s would be the greatest disappointment.
And there is another pity, no international stars that announced previously.
 Forget it; want more shows which are worth to see. For a real music lover, there’s nothing can compare with a real show. I dislike some singers just can sing well in studio. It’s so ridiculous. I just admire someone who are talent and enjoy it.     

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