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November 12, 2007

You may have noticed that there are many chinese here and many muslims here.They are two different group of people,I mean,one believe in God and one don't.

I'm a chinese too.We are taught through our books since we are a child that all the things are Substance and all the substance on earth come from the original state of Earth, and the Earth come from the Universe,and the Universe come from Nothing.

You may thoutht you are wise enough to ask a question:"where did nothing come from"  They will make a question against you:"where did your God come from?"  You might say:"God was and God well be forever"  and they will say to you:"then,  our Nothing was there and will be forever there!"

So at last they make the conclusion: GOD=NOTHING, that means there is no GOD

Well,you may say:"that's just a lie of Satan!"    But it's just this lie accepted by most chinese,there are about 1.3 billion person in China now,and the unbelievers are more than you muslims' number in the world!

They don't accept God just like you don't accept Jesus. Or you say:"Jesus is one of our prophets and we love him!"  then they will say:" God is one of the characters of our ancient mythical storys,and we love Him too!"

Well,I don't mean to hurt anyone,but what next? We can't leave the problem behind for ever,right?