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johnSuper Member!

United States

February 29, 2008


I'm calling it right now.  If Clinton wants to win the Democratic nomination in the Presidential election, her only hope is to tell the world that she will make Obama her Vice-president.

Obama's popularity is so high right now that nothing can get in his way.  Clinton keeps throwing jabs about his lack of experience.  She recognizes that he's a great speaker, but claims that's where his strengths end.

If she tells everyone now that she has bought into Obama-mania so much that she wants him as her VP, it will be the ultimate show of experience and send the message, "Bring your energy and enthusiasm to my experienced team, Obama, and together we'll do great things."  People would like this idea, and when Obama says he won't accept her invitation, it will make him look selfish.

Just to be clear, I'm a big Obama supporter.  I believe this is Clinton's only hope to win, but frankly, I hope she doesn't do it and Obama becomes our next President. 


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01:21 AM Mar 01 2008

cherry zhu


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09:50 AM Feb 29 2008



...Hillary Clinton would make a fine president ,anyway,her agendas is good for new emigration...