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Namika's Journal

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Jori Namika


July 20, 2008

Why is it so difficult being in love with someone...?

I have so many questions and no one to answer them, but that's to much existentialist and I don't wanna get into details...

This week was so difficult, my father's been sick and we don't know why, he takes his medicine but he won't get better...

 My head is full of unnecessary troubles and thoughts, is so complicated to be a human being and also being a woman (in my case, of course, there're women that don't care about the things I care...) Truth is I'm tired of love and tired of looking for it, but even when I feel so discouraged, I'm still excited with the idea of finding it, I guess I can't change my nature at all, unfortunately I inherited this from my mother :S But I'm hoping everything will get better with time.

There are people who say time erases all wounds, but you have to change too, because time won't do anything if you still the same, changing is the key... or I don't knoww!!!, I just wanted to write what I feel

At least there're also good news, I bought the two first books of the "twilight series" by Stephenie Meyer named Twilight


and new moon:














I haven'y finished the first one, but I have to say it's amazing and I recommend it... I'm reading them in spanish, I guess there're better in english, so if you can and if you're interested I assure you won't regret it, but I think these books are more aimed  to girls, anyways I hope everyone will enjoy them.

Well, I'll be enchanted by these pieces of art, I love the author Stephenie, she writes while listening to bands like Muse, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, U2, The Strokes, The All American Rejects and I just think that's cool, I guess that's why I like the books so much, hehehehe ^^

I'll go now, I was waiting for someone to come, but I think that's not happening today... what a shame...



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11:02 PM Jul 22 2008

come to me

come to me

I wound like to share your feelings,and I wish you happy everyday,please contact me.

10:50 PM Jul 20 2008




to fall in love is difficult.  I think that the main problem is that We want a perfect person. I think the Love is to accept  the other person with virtues and defects.

the love is beautiful but  it can be painful when the person leaves.

don´t worry , yes I know  that it´s easy to write you but  You have to know: time heals the wounds.

This month has  been difficult for me too.I try to have an optimistic spirit but  sometimes the days are very hard.

Maybe you need some distraction.

Take care