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Josh K

Josh K


May 10, 2007

At this time of year, in cities as different as Venice and Rio de Janeiro, men and women are putting on masks and unusual costumes. Why? Because it's carnival time! The carnival tradition began two thousand years ago, with the Roman winter festival of Saturnalia. During the festival, people from different classes ate together, drank together and sometimes slept together! With the arrival of the Christian religion, the Roman festival became a Christian one. The word 'carnival' means 'goodbye to meat'. For Christians, Carnival was a time when they ate well and had fun before 'Lent' – a time when Christians tried to eat less. Carnival always ended on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent began.

04:11 AM Nov 08 2007


hi,i am yang lu bin,i from da li yan nan china.

10:30 PM Nov 06 2007

Russian Federation

the Carnival- Sounds like fun!

Knew about that colorfull party

but didn't hear about start of tradition

Useful for purvie! ThanxWink

01:41 PM Sep 23 2007

reply denis

Hi! I'm from Belarus - east Europe. As for me such information is not ne for me. i knew about it! Thank's

06:50 AM Sep 23 2007


don't you think a carnival is a means to debauchery and animality? Wink

Most of those who participate in carnivals are young people.They meet together to give free vent to their carnal, sensual desires. As Josh K  has put it, their goals are to eat " together, drink together and sometimes sleep together! ".

These young people know that their goals are blameworhy. So, they wear masks and adorn themselves wih ' camouflage'. The masks and the peculiar costumes are meant to CONCEAL the person behind the mask and to ESCAPE the pangs of remorse that that person may feel during he procession of he carnival __ moving all round , almost naked and drunk. 

12:39 PM Sep 22 2007

adam ibrahim

age 31

 Hello everybody Im sudan -darfur Im looking my firand From anycontury need to improve conversation and skills english

09:13 AM Sep 22 2007

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

men and wamen at this carnavil get good time


04:30 AM Sep 22 2007


Ohh... i would like to be in Rio on the carnaval one time Tongue out

01:48 PM Sep 20 2007


we havent got carnivals in our countrybut we have bayrams kind of feast

04:58 PM Sep 14 2007




04:14 PM Sep 06 2007



nice nice, nice girlCool

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April 8, 2007

SmileWhat I use ebaby, I find a big help for change and improve in it. I still the first enter to ebaby, I speak a bit english, here I find a great friends, learnt more english, get more knowledges, vocabularies, gramatic. Until now Im learning even. Here I find to other peoples from different places world, whom I never imagine to speak it, write it, but with the english I can speak with a lot of peoples from places too far. I can share my ideas with ones, they with me. Im happy to be here learning, meeting alot things, peoples.

have fun