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December 16, 2007

hello w'r here to know each other and i won't be first person to say that i'm here to find the friend around the world so u'r welcome in my blog. if u arrive here it cuz that u find a good guy in ur life. i'm accept everyone but except the anormal people. see like i'm going to present myself, i'm blackboy and i live in the west africa in togo a litle country between benin end ghana, i'm computer informatician and i'm working now in the net company. my language was english, frensh so u can write in any language u wanna. i gonna wait for ur message. WELCOME IN MY WORLD EDEM

10:01 PM Jun 19 2008



Dear Edembay:

   nice to see your blog. i feel u are a sincere person. i name is smiledly. i come from China .my mother laguage is Chenese.I have receive English for nine years .i like making pen friends with pure-hearted people.we can chat national cultere,foods,entertainment,hero ,music ect .if u feel interesting thing ,u  can write them in your msn or your email .then send them to your good friends  and share happy .will u like it ?if u like ,please give me my information letter .my msn:smiledly@hotmail.com

Best regards