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United Kingdom

March 10, 2008

so unhappyyyyy today....=[
no.....like everyday i think
i cry without thinking...without any reasons
and cannot even stop....
yea i pretend im happy in front of my friends...
but im not indeed......so miserable
dunno why just feel so upset deep down my heart
i cant bear it anymore

Justina ----- a Latin name that means beautiful and truly they are. Girls with that name are overally sensitive, intellecutal, and of principle. They are the least hypocrite people you will ever meet in life, and that gets them in trouble. Yet, they go un-noticed all the time. People like to take advantage of them for no reason.

This explanation is quite...true...
"Life is short, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, laugh and love uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile."
Justinaaa L

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