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April 25, 2008



朋友不一定常常联系,但也不会忘记,每次偶尔念起,还是感觉那么温暖、那么亲切、那么柔情;朋友是把关怀放在心里,把关注藏在眼底;朋友是相伴走过一段又一段的人生,携手共度一个又一个黄昏;朋友是想起时平添喜悦,忆及时更多温柔。 朋友如醇酒,味浓而易醉;朋友如花香,淡雅且芬芳;朋友是秋天的雨,细腻又满怀诗意;



Friend should not be more important but the truth it is. You might have not affect, victory and something else. But you can’t have any friends.

Friend is the one walking in the rain with umbrella; have fun in the seaside; enjoy some kinds of music; reading some books; share with the sadness and joy, doing all this thing together.

Friend don’t have to connect with each other usually, but they would’t forget their friends. Each time you think of them, you can feel it so warm, sweet, amorevole; they would care about you with heart and make an attention with their deep eyes; Friend is who can walk along with one and one road in your life; Friend is the rain so smoothy and poetic in autumn.

Friend is the plum blossom in December, which is pure and strong standing in the cold weather. Friend is not a painting but much gorgeous than painting; Friend is not a song but much fair-sounding than song; Friend should be the essay with long and deep meaning, writing with yesterday and looking forward the future.

The beauty of friend is not long anymore; Friend's really timeless moment to know each other; Friend is precious but it’s not because we have been through together. The important thing it’s still miss each other after separation: You are my friend.

The day to own friends is shine and beautiful and you find it that you have everything. We can lose much thing but can’t be friends. Friend might not be till the end and just a passing traveler. However, because the origin of anti-fate. It make our lives more beautiful and stronger. Even in the absence of the future and why not? At least, you and I once traveled with a friend's road.

PS:If i make some mistake in this translation.I'd love to you can tell me that.Thank you!

06:58 AM Apr 04 2009



hehe,thank you jia!

07:58 AM Apr 02 2009


she is tooooo smart to translate this i guess.

right, smart girl?

12:00 AM Nov 18 2008



if you can translate your sentence to english article, i think that will be wonderful.


March 31, 2008

Once i told my friend that i very very wanna improve my oral English in the internet.Then she told me the English,baby.I have been to the GuangZhou Library English Corner.I tried to communicated with the others,but I didn't work.Because most of people are Chinese,it's hard to speak English.Accounting and English are good for my future job.I'll graduate in 2009.I hope i can improve my English with my ebaby friends.Thank you!!!

07:24 AM Apr 01 2008



yeah,u are right.Actually,i make some friends here,and we chat on MSN.Besides,thanks your comment.Smile

02:11 PM Mar 31 2008

Amin D
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I do not believe could be a good way to improve our oral language, for chating may it would be, take my advice and find friend here and talk with them by MSN or Yahoo!, it could improve your talking and listening skills very more taht current methods.


06:07 AM Mar 31 2008



hi``i'm fine,thanks.and u?

04:34 AM Mar 31 2008


hı karen how are you