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October 3, 2008

we have a seven-day holiday .i've stayed at college for three days owning to the terrible exam .if i wanna study further,i have to pass the postgraduate entrance examinition.

my brother will go to university,too.he will stay at home for several days , then buy a train ticket and leave home with his friends.the time we spend together will become less and less.

this morning,when i was reading books in the classroom,i suddenly felt homesick.i gave mom a phonecall.she said 'come back,we're waiting for you.' just because of these words,i went to the station,bought a ticket .tomorrow i'll be at home...

dear friends,cherish the time spent with your family members as well as friends,for we never know when the time will be back again...


September 30, 2008

 Today is Dec.1,our National Day

the whole college slows down

enjoying the leisure sunshine in the afternoon...

i wanna go shopping,with nobody else

but there are so many books waiting for me to read

and so many new words..

however difficult