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Katrina Anna


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February 2, 2009

Important statement:

If u are not a gentleman,please don't talk with me.

If you just want see me from the cam and do sex,please keep away from me!

I just want find a good friend.Please don't waste my time also yours.


July 24, 2008

  These days when my friends asked me:"How are u going these days?” I always smiled and said naturally:"I'm pretty good, don’t worry me."
   But actually I didn't feel pretty good, it must be terrible! Not point my life; it’s something in my heart feel bad!
   Remembered when I first entered the chat room of English Baby I was so exciting, because finally i found the best way to improve my English. My major is English, so I want use every minute in my summer vocation to learn it, I don't want to compare with others, and I just want to be the best myself!
   But everything is changed when I entered this chat room! Many boys said hello almost at the same time, I couldn't answer them soon, so when they asked my msn, I told them and added them. Let me disappointed is they just wanted I open my camera. And some of them even request me unexpectedly, they wanted me to satisfied their desire of sex!!!! I'm so angry about this behavior!This is not an example, but is the common phenomenon! So I just wonder that why so many boys use this study place to do this bad thing! Long time I don't want to enter this chat room.
   What is lucky, I have also run into several genuine good friends. They teaches me English and we exchanged our different cultures that really made me feel happy o(∩_∩)o...
   Here I also want to talk another thing. I think it's important for boys. Please do not say "I love you!" to any girls who you met in the internert, especially when you didn't know her very much. Maybe you don't understand these three words to the girls are how holily.
Why can you speak is such easier??! If u just for fun please stops .It's really a deep injury to the girls. The girl has the frailty which you cannot imagine!
   Well, that’s all I want to say. Maybe some boys will disagree with me, but I will insist on my own ideas.
   Anyway I want meet more girls and boys from all over the world, I believe we can improve our English day by day!

06:30 PM Sep 04 2008


United States

you have a purpose in your life....your purpose is to find out what your purpose is and then to do it.  It's hard i know because i'm still trying too.  ok bye crazy girl

06:11 PM Sep 04 2008


United States

are you kidding me?!  i'll kill them!  by the way your english writing is good!

July 10, 2008

    Hello, everybody! I’m a new comer. Everything looks so stranger here. In fact, I just know EB couple days ago, but now I feel it already become a part of my life. From here, I got much knowledge about how to study English and how to speak English .It’s help me a lot.    I just have a simple purpose that I need you to be my friends. I hope we can enjoy some time together. You are a treasure to me. I will expect your tips and pats. I’m always here as your friend.


03:09 AM Jul 11 2008

Katrina Anna

Thanks all of you,my friends!I'm really happy i can meet all of you guys!Tongue out

03:06 AM Jul 11 2008

Viet Nam

Ok.I'll be with you.My KatrinaWink

02:44 AM Jul 11 2008



do you have email id?

can i chat with you, my msn is gbsukendra564@hotmail.com