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November 26, 2009


I introduce you to visit tokyo,japan.

At first ,tokyo is a one of charm downtown.

For example,many people move by train.

Secondly,unique culture is freestyle and downtown institute different from terminale.

For instance,Shinjuku has a lot of needs for everyone.

Ikebukuro and Shibuya needs for junior generation.

Asakusa ,Otuka and Sugamo needs for old people.

Shinagawa needs for salary or business people.

Tokyo needs for every business forigners.

Third,everyone become more senstive good or bad.

Finally,everyone divelope new choice to your new life or thinking.

That will open next door .

Let's go to Yamanote Line in Tokyo,Japan.




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05:42 AM Aug 21 2012

mary grace

mary grace

hello., i'm mary ann.. i hope we can talk someday.. please add me in skype if you have an account there.. parrots000075 is my skype.. i hope to see you there :)

04:23 PM Dec 04 2009

angel without wings
United Arab Emirates

well ,for me jap is the best country ive ever seen

from all aspects economically an etc etc .. :) i like the way how japan is INDEPENDENT COUNTRY , they are not copying things from other countries ,,though ,there are lotsa improved country but not as much as jap ...


for me am so interested in this country, reading lots bout its history  =]

plus ,all the bestest things n JAPAN <3 i love sakura season ..