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July 10, 2007

Well,after whole week's hard working,I finally finished a commerce net for trading establishment in USA.Coz it's pressed for time,I burned the midnight oil.....thats lead to .....I got dark pouches....

May 26, 2007

i'm up to my ears in work!!!! that's too much pressures and i hope it turns out all right. I must finish my advertisement projects in this week with raking my brains otherwise i'll flunk out! what a big hassle!!Just give me a break please! I haven't kept my English study on trak because of the sicken project just for a compete.The process is loaded down with trivial  details~

whatever,go fot it and bless me!

09:17 AM May 26 2007



hello, I like to meet new friends and I wanna share with them for everything. ı will pleased to know u.