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June 13, 2009

Long time no see everyone.

I was so busy, because I was looking for future job.

But, I got the job! So I came back this web site.

I wonder I can't reply all messages (because it's too many!) , but I will reply a message possibly.

November 2, 2008

Today, I'll introduce my bicycle. This bike is called "Minivelo", and it has some characteristic. The wheel are small wheels, but the handle is drophandle and the frame is horizontal, this is like a road bike. There is a photo in my page.

04:38 AM Nov 05 2008




Hi, Kentax!!

That bicycle is really yours?

How many bicycle do you have?

Also when did you buy that bicycle?


Good night!


October 27, 2008

Do you know Niigata?
Last weekend, I went to there for leisure...No, science conference.
I spoke about my research. It was too difficult for me to speak well, but I did my best. 
I felt very nervous because there are many famous professor and some president of company.
By the way, I've started "a job-hunting". Do you have any recommending company ?lol

07:37 AM Oct 28 2008



Yeah, I know Niigata. It's one of the Japan's prefecture, right?
many people are driven a car for removing the snow.
Say, my friend lives in Niigata.
He said,
 "I love mobile game" hahaha

Do you know mobile game?

Oh, you have been starting your job hunting?
What kind of job do you want?

08:44 PM Oct 27 2008

raymond wang

job-hunting ?? come on, be my "先生"。