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look forward to happiness

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April 13, 2008

in my view, i think the better way to learn english is to use it as much as possible. so, i want to join some club to implement it. but unfortunately, some club is bad, some dont say anything with english, or, some guy wanna a girl to talk, and some dirty words there. that's bad. i want to have a good friend to talk in english. but it's hard !!

i want to ask, why some body wanna improve thier english, but they never show that? i'm really really wondering.

maybe, some guys said, my english is poor,i'm afraid to make a mistake. i dont think this is a good excuse. coz , my english is poor too, but in my view, i need to practise it as much as possible, dont be shy to show yourself.

here, i want to make a friend with you if you have the same goal with me. i really really want to improve my english.

waiting for you 


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04:07 AM Apr 14 2008


as u said to me  in my blog , persist in, especially persist in what u consider correct.

in fact , learning english is quite a difficult job. at least to me .thought my english had passed cet 6 , while my oral english is terribly poor. but if u put ur heart into it, u will succeed.

keep going !``


12:37 AM Apr 14 2008

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


i agree with you ,i just improve my english

but no ansewre any body .

i think together can talk each other.

but my english not good.

i think your englisgh better than me