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January 1, 2009

Hello all my friends ,all the members of this site,all the people around the world,hello to those who are looking for peace,those who want all peoples' benefits,those glad people ,those who are sad ,who are attacking ,who are tolerating,who are dead ,who are coming to this world.

happy new year everybody but if there is any possibility for some people somewhere around the world to be happy,

but I hope & wait until the day that all of the world not only human rather all creatures be happy

I wish this year _although from the begining it doesnt seem so_

we'd have a peaceful & beautiful year ever we had in our lives


September 23, 2008

hey my frineds,how are you ?

well,new year is started n I wont be able to connect you so much ...

cotact me Ill check em at least once a week :)

take care

miss you all... :*

03:04 AM Sep 27 2008


Saudi Arabia

you  must  be miss  to your teacher and your friends 
I'm  Sure you will be  very happy  when you meet them 
  please Study hard to reach your goal
and  keep smile in your face
I wish you  good luck



September 18, 2008

Life is like a road that goes through a beautiful field.Enjoy it's beauty cos at the end of this road there is a sign written on that "Banned turning back"

05:27 AM Sep 18 2008


To me. life is made of many slopes, up and down,constituous,some higer some flater.To get the toil ,sweat,hard time before you enjoy the swelling of life,like going up and sliding down.And there are even roads,most of them are experienced with boredom, yet it's a good rest before the next journey``!