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Live from Egypt/Latvia

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September 12, 2010

Dear collegues in Ebaby!,

 I am looking for information I wanted to ask from you (mainly to members from Egypt, who would probably know something about this):

 I am looking for names, websites, any kind of information about comapnies that work:

a) in field of land surveying (it could be also building/agriculture companies that use theodolites, GPRS, levelers...)

b) works with GPRS 

c) sells land surveying equipment, land surveying, engineering software (is there Toponet, Topcon, Bentley maybe???)

d) any how connected with Geomatics, LAnd Surveying, GPRS...

 please, if you know something - let me know, I am desperate, cause cannot find anything on net.


kotopaksi from Egypt

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