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January 27, 2014

Last weekend I had a few hours to rest and I decided to watch a movie. I asked my brother to offer me a good one. He said me to watch the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Although I'm up-to-date about movies, I've never heard about that. He told me because it had been made in 1994.

So I looked for it on imdb and I was happy when I read name of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in cast overview. In this fact, it was unavoidable to choose this one.

About the story: It's based on Stephen Kings' book. Andy the banker (Tim Robbins) was arrested with suspicion of killing his wife and her lover. He was impriosoned in Shawshank. Here he met Red (Morgan Freeman) and became friends early. It's all about the story without spoiler.

This movie is not that kind when an innocent gets in jail and try to break out. It shows us the charecters' different views about life, freedome and hope in prison. A freshman believes to have a second chance and start a new life after his punishment's over. But an elderly, who have spent more than half of his life between that walls, can't imagine himself living outside and he rather chooses prison as his coffin.

The characters are great. The positives are loveable but the negatives would be killed with a spoon. Robbins and Freeman were nominated for Oscar-award, and Freeman got it.

If I have a list of top 10 movies, this would be there. I can suggest everybody to watch it.

Imdb rating: 9,3/10

My rating: 9/10

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09:12 PM Jan 27 2014


yeah ,my English teacher recommended it  to me~

06:23 AM Jan 27 2014



Yes, good observation about spending almost your life in prison and then when you're free, looks like you should be happy but you don't know what to do with freedom, you're lost, you're rejected by society, you're misunderstood and feel like even worse then in freedom.

That's why it's always worth to be a character, to have goal, to make difference between good and bad, not to stop developing your mind, always finding the ways out like  Andy Dufresne.

Despite the age of the movie, it's still popular today and I think will always be!