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February 20, 2014

I found this movie surfing on youtube.

A short describe about the plot. The story is about a conversation between a white (Tommy Lee Jones) and a black (Samuel L. Jackson) man. It's after the white's suicide attempt. They talk about themselves, the meaning of life, the existence of God. We can see two different people's points of view about these - pesimist and optimist.

I have never been interested in such themes like these. I started watching the movie to improve my english but the 1,5 hour-long movie ended soon. I mean it gained my attention. The actors are great. Jones shows what we wait from him but I think Jackson had one of his best in this movie. 

I offer everybody this movie. I think who has intermediate english should use subtitle because Jackson speaks fast and often use slang.

Imdb rate: 7,4

My rate: 7,5

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