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June 23, 2008

    After less than a week’s tough practise and training, we are going on the stage for the cheering team competition for university students. This is the first time for the Pointers Crew including Rainbow to join together. I can proudly say, 6.22 is a brand new progress of our team Pointers. Through this corporation between P and R, the relationship of us has reached to a new stage. The compitition has brough us together for dancing, getting us closer to each other. In the final, we got the second prize. To some people maybe it is of regret and disappointment, but satisfactory and delight to me. There is more we can enjoy than the result only. I think the proccess of being together for the competition is more deserved to treasure. I will always remember the day 6.22 of the competition and keep those enjoyable moments we have together in heart.