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July 11, 2010

If you walk down any big street in an Asian city you can see white guys holding hands with Asian girls. People have a lot of theories as to why this is and I'm going to tell you my honest opinion. I've lived in Asia for 8 years and I've asked a lot of guys this question. Here are some of the main reasons. 1. Asian girls seem to be more feminine on average. They like being a bit girly and a lot of men like these. Asian guys like it too. 2. Asian girls are thinner and have better skin on average. You can say that men are pigs, but facts are facts. Looks are very important to men and a well dressed and healthy Asian girl with beautiful black hair and smooth skin is hard to resist for many guys. I talk a lot about dating and other fun topics on my English learning website and podcast. Ipod English Lessons

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View all entries from "Learning English" >

04:42 AM Jul 16 2010



really??i didn't know that until you brought it up,thanks for this info..

12:06 PM Jul 11 2010



Asian Fetish


11:02 AM Jul 11 2010

kanchana papoon

Because she is a nice girl

04:19 AM Jul 11 2010



Why men are pigs?

03:48 AM Jul 11 2010

Bitten by an Arab bug
United Arab Emirates

I'm proud to be an Asian girl (but white men are not my type) Smile